Appartamento Stella

Appartamento Dina (Charlotte)
Pedenosso - Valdidentro
Appartamento Tina (White Lady)
Pedenosso - Valdidentro
Appartamento Fiorenza
Semogo - Valdidentro
Chalet Baitina
Pedenosso - Valdidentro
Appartamento Genziana
Appartamento Wilma
Semogo - Valdidentro
Villa Feleit
Appartamenti Damicini
Chalet Stelle di Neve

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Hotel National Park
Via Presura 1 - Valdidentro
Hotel Genzianella
Via S. Saterina 31 - S. Caterina Valfurva
Hotel Rezia
Via Milano 9 - Bormio
Hotel Cristallo
Via Milano 44 - Bormio
Hotel Vedig
Via Vedich 14 - S. Caterina Valfurva
Hotel La Val
Via Presura - Isolaccia Valdidentro
Albergo Adele
Via Monte Braulio 38 - Bormio
Hotel Olimpia
Via Funivia - Bormio
Hotel del Cardo
Via Cima Piazzi - Isolaccia Valdidentro
Miramonti Park Hotel
Via Milano - Bormio

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via Cima Piazzi - Semogo (So)

Phone 339/45.76.285


Bormio Vacanze

Apartments for rent - Holiday houses and Hotels
Here you will find a vast selection of hotels and holiday apartments and houses for rent in Bormio, so that you may select the one that best suits your needs, be it an apartment or chalet.
Every profile includes a direct link to the respective website, or you can send out a request form to all of the apartments, who will answer according to availability and the number of persons you need accommodated.
If you book in advance you will have more to choose from and a better selection of special offers to choose from and be able to custom design your holidays to best fit your needs.

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